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Michelle Pidermann is a multi-talented writer, director, producer and actor, whose life journey has been a mix of diverse experiences and accomplishments. Born and raised in Miami, within a close-knit Cuban family, affectionately known as “Mimi”, she grew up passionate and interested in the arts, performing and dancing from a very young age. 


Her academic journey is equally noteworthy, holding degrees in Film, Theatre, Spanish, and Communications, with a focus in Mass Media Studies. Her story takes an intriguing twist as she also holds a law degree, and at one point, practiced as an attorney before transitioning into wealth management. As a licensed financial advisor catering to ultra-high-net-worth families and businesses at Merrill Lynch, Michelle demonstrated her versatility and adaptability. 


Fueling her deep passion for learning, Michelle's profound belief in the power of knowledge as a means to connect has been the driving force throughout her career. Several years ago, she established her own production company, leading teams world-wide in the creation of compelling commercials, branded content and music videos. 


Michelle is most interested in telling stories involving underrepresented perspectives, particularly those of women, Hispanics and other marginalized communities. Her narratives aim to challenge mainstream paradigms and have the power to shift and reshape societal perceptions.

On and off camera, Michelle's commitment to health and wellness keeps her aligned and intuitive in her work. When she’s not making films, you'll likely find her staying active, practicing yoga and traveling. Michelle Pidermann embodies a journey of creativity, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to making a meaningful impact through storytelling. 




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